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Insiders 3/15/20: Preparing for the Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Iowa; Group Working to End Racial Profiling

DES MOINES, Iowa — Even conspiracy theorists are realizing COVID-19 is not just hype. Professional sports leagues have taken a time out, schools are canceling classes, businesses are temporarily closing down, and the stock markets have taken substantial hits. Iowa Senate President Charles Schneider talked about what is being done to prepare for the impact the coronavirus will have on Iowa’s economy. Talks continue in Des Moines for a policy banning racial profiling. The City of Des Moines recently paid $25,000 each to three African American men who said that police officers racially profiled them. Adam Mason, the state policy director for Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, talked about what is being done to end racial profiling.
Multiple candidates are giving it another run for a spot in Congress. David Young is running again for his old seat in Iowa’s 3rd congressional district.  J.D. Scholten is trying again to defeat Republican Steve King in the 4th congressional district. This time, King has Republican primary challengers, too.
Schneider returns for the Quick Six.


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