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This presidential election has proven to be a little more difficult for the pollsters. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have the ability to bring in people who don’t usually vote, meaning the polls don’t always match the results.

Insiders Brad Anderson and Tim Albrecht say they’ve developed the most unbiased form of polling.

Anderson is a former Democratic staffer for Gov. Chet Culver and President Barack Obama. Albrecht is a former Republican staffer for Gov. Terry Branstad and presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The two are political polar opposites, but that’s what makes their polling practice so successful.

Partisan polls intentionally give you wrong data to prove whatever point they’re making, Anderson said.

“There doesn’t seem to be enough of accurate, affordable polling that have six or seven questions that are bipartisan,” he said.

But that’s about to change.

Anderson and Albrecht are part of RABA Research, which stands for Red-America, Blue-America.

Anderson said it gives accurate data with no spin for groups, candidates and private companies.

And it’s the first middle-of-the-road polling firm here, according to Albrecht.

“We take the bias out because we do have a bipartisan firm. So when you see something that skews left or skews right, it usually elicits eyeballs. We think this adds credibility,” Albrecht said.

Anderson said their theory was tested in Missouri at the Democratic primary race. Their projections were the closest for Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders.

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