Insiders 11/3/19: Amy Klobuchar on Why Elizabeth Warren’s Health Care Plan Won’t Work, Grinnell College Poll on Trump’s Popularity

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DES MOINES, Iowa — In 2018, Democrats successfully focused on health care to make huge gains in Congress. Health care is a key issue again for Democrats in the presidential race. Amy Klobuchar joins Insiders to discuss why she disagrees with candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders when it comes to health care and how her plan would bring costs down. Klobuchar talks about her plan to make college more affordable for students.
A new national poll from Grinnell College shows President Donald Trump is less popular than he was a year ago. It shows Trump is most popular when it comes to the economy and least popular when it comes to the traditional view that a president should serve as a role model. The director of the Grinnell College National Poll takes a deeper look at the poll’s findings.
Chuck Grassley talks about whether he thinks Trump has committed an impeachable offense.
Klobuchar is back for the Quick Six.


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