Incumbent Steve King Takes On the War on Drugs, Terror

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Next Tuesday, Iowans will be heading to the polls.

For Republicans, that means making a choice on a candidate for the Fourth District general election ballot. After a decade of serving northwest Iowa, a fellow Republican is challenging Congressman Steve King this year.

Rick Bertrand, King’s challenger, spoke with Political Director Dave Price for the Iowa Forums.

Now, the incumbent is taking his turn.

Steve King founded King Construction, served in the state Senate, and after a nominating convention, he got elected to Congress in 2002. He wants to return for an 8th term.

Part 1 — Middle Class Struggle and the Cost of College

Part 2 — The War on Drugs

Reports Thursday confirmed what some had expected — Prince, the music superstar, died of a drug addiction. The news comes as medical experts warn of a drug epidemic across our country.

Some think our problems securing the border make our drug issues in the U.S. worse. King thinks we can handle both of those issues.

Part 3 — The War on Terror and Benghazi

Libya is a flash point in frustration for many Americans, especially Republicans.

King talks about whether the investigation into the Americans who died there is over, and what it will take to end our involvement in the Middle East.

Part 4 — Quick Six

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