‘If There’s a Problem, Then Joe Biden Needs To Answer,’ Elizabeth Warren Says of Allegation During Iowa Stop

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democratic presidential candidate, said that she wasn’t familiar with the allegation by a former Nevada lt. governor nominee that former Vice Presidential Joe Biden inappropriately kissed her at a campaign event.  

“I don’t know anything about it,” Warren told reporters after one asked about the allegation, “But obvious, if there’s a problem, then Joe Biden needs to answer.”

Warren’s event in West Des Moines  was her third of the day, following stops in Marshalltown and Perry.

In West Des Moines, she shared the stage with J.D. Scholten, the 2018 4th District Democratic Congressional candidate and possible repeat candidate in 2020. Warren talked to the crowd of a few hundred about wealth inequality and her idea to tax two percent of the wealth of the richest Americans.

She also pushed the idea to abolish the electoral college. Critics say the idea would make lesser populated states like Iowa less relevant in presidential campaigns and candidates focused more on states with larger populations. But Warren discounted that charge. Warren said, “Boy, you know, the only states presidential candidates go to in a presidential election are those that they think are in play. So they’re not going to Idaho. They’re not going to Montana. They’re not going to Mississippi. They’re not going to states all over the country. They’re not going to rural areas. What we have to do it make every vote count.”

Democrats have been more actively talking about pushing for a constitutional amendment to abolish the electoral college. Al Gore earned more overall votes than George W. Bush in 2000 and Hillary Clinton received more in 2016 than Donald Trump. But in each case, the Republican candidate earned more electoral votes and got elected president.

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