‘I Get It. I Get It,’ Joe Biden Releases Video In Response to Allegations of Unwanted Kissing and Physical Contact

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DES MOINES, Iowa–Former Vice President Joe Biden didn’t offer the words, “I’m sorry,” but said, “social norms have begun to change” in a video he released Wednesday following allegations from two women who said they were uncomfortable after Biden made physical contact with them at campaign events. 

“I’ll be much more mindful,” Biden said in the video released on his Twitter account. “I’ve always tried to make a human connection,” he said of his physical interaction with women and men over the years and he acknowledged that the contact has made some uncomfortable.

Biden, who has been exploring a third presidential run, released the video amid growing scrutiny that his past behavior may run counter to the #Metoo movement where women have gone public with claims that numerous powerful leaders in politics, media and business committed sexual harassment or misconduct.

Other Democratic presidential candidates have responded to the claims against Biden. 



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