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ARNOLDS PARK, Iowa — The Iowa Great Lakes are normally a big draw for visitors in July and August. This weekend there were even more people who came to show their support for President Donald Trump.

“She decided to throw it up on Facebook and Representative Wills got a hold of it and it just went viral,” said organizer Scott Kuchel. “We’ve had almost 100,000 people comment on wanting to come here and be part of this event.”

The plan was for people to bring their boats onto West Lake Okoboji and wave Trump flags and tour the lake for around three hours, while radio station KUOO played patriotic music.

“I left my house at 6:45 this morning because just like the Field of Dreams in Iowa, if you build it, if you make Iowa great again, they will come,” said Eric Branstad, an Iowa Trump campaign advisor. “Everyone coming, this grassroots energy that I feel, that we feel today, as we see everyone coming up for this, it’s absolutely amazing.”

So far, there’s no exact count on how many boats were on the water.

“Trump supporters are really kind of like what I say is ‘the silent majority,’” said John Wills, a Republican state representative from northwest Iowa. “They support the president and they are really excited about this next election coming up on November 3rd.”

Another parade to support Trump is planned for nearby Big Spirit Lake next weekend. At Saturday’s event, there were no people visible protesting the president.