Governor Reynolds to Deliver Condition of State Address Tuesday Night


DES MOINES, Iowa — Gov. Kim Reynolds will deliver her Condition of the State Address during primetime Tuesday.

The annual speech that’s usually given the morning after the Iowa Legislature resumes will instead be happening at 6:00 p.m.

Iowans have heard from Gov. Reynolds often during the pandemic and this isn’t the first time she is utilizing an evening speech. Back in November, she used the primetime slot to announce new COVID-19 restrictions. This method gives Iowans who work or go to school a chance to watch it live.

Governors use the annual speech to lay out their vision of the state, both philosophically and financially. This year’s address is sure to look back at 2020 and ahead to 2021.

“And in 10 months, Iowans went through a pandemic, civil unrest, a significant drought, and a derecho,” Gov. Reynolds said. “A word I think we use a lot to describe Iowa and Iowans is resilient. It is true of our people, our communities, our state budget, and our economy. And just every single day I continue to be inspired by the strength, the tenacity, and the compassion of Iowans.”

The state’s economy will be a big talking point due to the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. Gov. Reynolds is not planning to tap into any surplus state money for relief. She said the state received $1.2 billion in federal aid that she wants to work through first.

“Let’s work with our federal partners. Let’s take advantage of the dollars that are coming into the state,” Gov. Reynolds said. “Let’s make sure we’re using those in a judicious and meaningful manner and then start to assess if there are additional gaps that we need to address as a state.”

WHO 13 will be carrying the Condition of the State address live on-air and online.


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