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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said the reason she called some liberals “unhinged” during a fundraiser earlier this month was in response to recent incidents of unfair comments some people posted on social media about her grandchildren.

Here is what the governor said at that fundraiser on October 21st in Des Moines (quote courtesy: Radio Iowa):

“As we all know as we travel the state, the liberals are unhinged. And they are out for us. And we need to double down and do all we can. And if you keep fighting, I’ll keep fighting.”

On Tuesday, the governor explained that part of her comments came in response to harsh comments some people made on her private social media account, where she posted a picture of two of her grandchildren playing soccer.

Here is what the governor said on Tuesday:

“You can come at me all you want. I am tough. I know what this job entails. And I guess in some sense my family did, too. But not to that extent. This is a 6-year-old little boy and his brother playing soccer on a football field. And to me that is unhinged. That is over the top and they don’t deserve it. That is just one small example of what I am talking about.”