Gov. Reynolds Talks Possible Voting Rights Reform for Felons


Gov. Kim Reynolds (WHO-HD)

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Gov. Kim Reynolds fielded questions Tuesday morning on the issue of reforming voting rights for felons.

The governor explained the issue is currently in the beginning phases. She said her staff is in discussions to put a team together to examine the measure and how to work it into the budget.

“We’re looking at several criminal justice reforms at this next legislative session. We’re going to look at several components of that. Hopefully that will be part of the Condition of the State next year,” said Reynolds.

The governor said part of the reason for looking into prisoner voting reform had to do with Florida residents voting to reinstate prisoner voting rights.

A mid-term victory for Florida will give more than one million people with criminal histories the right to vote.

Gov. Reynolds did not express her preference on the issue Tuesday, she just told reporters to “stay tuned.”


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