Governor Says Migrant Children Used As ‘Pawns,’ Declines to Criticize the President


Gov. Kim Reynolds (WHO-HD)

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MITCHELLVILLE, Iowa — Tuesday, Governor Kim Reynolds criticized the federal government’s actions that separate migrant children from their parents but she isn’t blaming President Trump for his policy that caused that separation.

Critics including former First Ladies, along with Republican, Democratic, religious and business leaders have condemned the decision to separate families facing deportation for illegally entering the Untied States. 

“Children are being used as pawns in this situation and I don’t think that that’s the right thing to happen. I’m a mom and a grandma and what I believe is that Congress needs to do their job. They need to get back. They need to work with the executive branch. We’ve been dealing with this for a long time. It’s horrific that children are being used as a pawn in this,” Reynolds said.

She added, “We to provide stability for families that are living in a very unstable situation. We shouldn’t be separating children from their family. But we are a  nation of laws.”

Channel 13 asked the governor’s office for clarification on whether the governor blames President Trump for using those children as pawns in the immigration debate and whether the President could simply end the policy as South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander contend that he could do on his own.

Here is the statement the governor’s office sent in response:

“The governor believes Washington in general–both the executive branch and Congress-needs to work together to find a solution.”




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