Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair Calls for Lawsuit Against DNC


DES MOINES, Iowa — The former chair of the Iowa Democratic Party has called for Iowa Democrats to file a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee.

Michael Kiernan appeared on WHO Radio’s Need to Know with Jeff Angelo to call for Iowa to fight back against those who try to blame the caucus counting problems on Iowa.

“I’m getting sick, I’m getting tired of DNC here because they’ve done this to us,” said Kiernan. “What people don’t realize, year after year after year, they try to take away the Iowa caucuses from us, so isn’t this just the perfect excuse!”

At issue is the failure of the caucus app, which was supposed to tally the results of the Democratic caucuses across the state. Iowa Democrats were told they would be required to use the app.

“But enough is enough, frankly. Troy Price, who is the chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party, has just been getting kicked like a dog, and frankly, the person that needs to be kicked right now is Tom Perez,” said Kiernan. “I just truly believe this part of the DNC is trying to take away the Iowa caucuses.”

“There is an allegation that the national Democrats are sabotaging Iowa’s first-in-the-nation Caucus because they are tired of us voting against the establishment-approved candidates,” said Angelo. “Why do we not test this app? Why do we have this new untested app that we’re being told we have to use? Democratic activists were saying this app isn’t working right.”

If you want to hear the interview podcast with Kiernan, check the WHO Radio page here.


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