ETHICS VIOLATIONS: Witness To Verify Claims

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Late Wednesday night, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Rep. Michele Bachmann’s former Chief of Staff will come forward Thursday to corroborate allegations of ethics violations against Warren County Republican Senator Kent Sorenson.

Peter Waldron, a former aide to Bachmann’s presidential campaign, claims Sorenson concealed payments of $7,500 a month he received for working on the campaign.

Waldron said he had a witness who will back up his claim.

The Star Tribune says that witness is former Bachmann Chief of Staff, Andy Parrish. In the article, Parrish’s attorney said Parrish will talk to the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee.

Just Wednesday, the committee demanded the witness come forward, “Now we`re sending a 10 day notice to get the affidavit back that he said he said he is willing and able to testify.”

The ethics committee says if the witness did not come forward, the complaint will be dropped.

Sorenson denied any wrongdoing back in February, “The charges are totally baseless, without evidence, and a waste of Iowans` time and money.”

The panel overseeing the case is made up of six members; three Republicans and three Democrats. Chairing that committee, Iowa Sen. Wally Horn (D) said he hopes to resolve the ethics complaints before the legislature sessions ends next month.


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