Elizabeth Warren Wins the Iowa ‘Cookie Caucus’ on RAGBRAI

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NORWALK, Iowa — The Main Street School in Norwalk decided to sell cookies when RAGBRAI came through town over the noon hour.

The event was a great chance to make some money for the school, but they had an idea to do a little something extra.

They created the “Cookie Caucus.”  Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren came out on top with 78 votes.

“We are a pre-school through 8th grade school,” said Tanya Apana of the Main Street School. “We do a lot of project-based learning, so the kids will be studying the caucuses this year and looking at the whole presidential election.”

People purchased a cookie from one or more candidates and get the chance to vote with a lima bean in a jar, similar to Channel 13’s Cast Your Kernel concept at the Iowa State Fair.

“Our fundraiser is based on the caucuses. It’s the Cookie Caucus,” said Apana. We have as many varieties of cookies as we have people running for president.

The vote included Republicans Donald Trump and Bill Weld.

The school hopes for raise $5,000 to be used for scholarships at the school.

Cookie Caucus results: 

Elizabeth Warren, 78
Kamala Harris, 71
Donald Trump, 67
Pete Buttigieg, 52
Bernie Sanders, 30
Joe Biden, 19
Amy Klobuchar, 12
Cory Booker, 10
Tulsi Gabbard, 7
Julie Binny (write in), 6
John Hickenlooper, 5
John Delaney, 5
Michael Bennet, 5
Steve Bullock, 5
Marianne Williamson, 5
Kristen Gillibrand, 4
Julian Castro, 4
Andrew Yang, 3
Bill Weld, 3
Bill de Blasio, 0
Jay Inslee, 0

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