Elizabeth Warren Announces She’ll Outline How to Pay for ‘Medicare for All’

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INDIANOLA, Iowa — Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren responded to critics Sunday by announcing that she will soon outline her plan for financing her “Medicare for All” health care plan.

The Massachusetts senator is well known for her catchphrase, “I have a plan for that,” but fellow opponents have criticized her in recent weeks for not specifically laying out how she will fund the plan. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg even called her “evasive,” both on the trail and on the debate stage last Tuesday. Under Warren’s plan, the federal government would be in charge of health care and virtually eliminate private insurance.

“I plan to, over the next few weeks, put out a plan that talks specifically about the cost of ‘Medicare for All’ and specifically how we pay for it,” Warren said at a rally at Simpson College.

The senator pointed out that her health care system would not raise costs for the middle class, which was a question raised by other candidates on the debate stage.

“It is the cost of health care that is hurting families,” Warren said.

It is worth noting that no one in the audience asked her about health care during the Q&A portion, but she made a point to bring it up herself. Her speech stuck to traditional crowd pleasers for the senator; her lines ranging from fighting corruption in Washington, D.C. to her proposed 2 percent levy on those with fortunes greater than $50 million.

“Pitch in two cents so everyone else gets a chance,” Warren said.

For the students in the crowd, her policy plans on reducing college debt are appealing.

Jordan Baldwin, a student at Simpson College, said if she were to eliminate college debt, he could focus on school more and pursue a career he is passionate about, rather than what will pay the bills.

“As a student, I’m going to be straddled with debt once I graduate, so if there’s an idea of hers that can help fix that and help pay off my debt, that would be amazing and I can jump-start my life,” he said.

Baldwin also said he wants to see a candidate who can dominate President Donald Trump on the debate stage, which he thinks Warren is capable of doing.

“She has a plethora of knowledge. She would go up against Trump well,” he said. “If Trump tries to say something false or not true, she can just call him out.”

With a current lead in the polls, she very well could go up against the president after the primaries. She did not name him during her rally, but we can guess she’d say she has a plan for that, too.


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