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AMES, Iowa — Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren spoke to voters at Iowa State University as she continued her campaign Friday.

There was a lot of energy both from Warren and the crowd that came out to see her.

Warren touted a plan to eliminate what she called “corruption in politics,” including eliminating lobbying as we know it and making it mandatory that anyone running for a federal position needs to release their taxes.

Warren used her time to talk about her desire to eliminate student debt nationwide and making college tuition free.

During a question and answer session, she got a lot of questions about how her platform will help minorities. She said that eliminating college debt will benefit those minorities on a large scale.

“More African Americans have to borrow money to go to school, they have to borrow more money while they’re in school, and they have a harder time paying back once they get out of school. Student loan debt relief [is] good for all of America but particularly good for African Americans,” said Warren.

During a brief speech to an overflow crowd, Warren also discussed her desire to legalize marijuana nationwide.