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Iowa senators expect to debate changes for the state’s school system Tuesday. One point of contention is homeschooling.

Some senators want people to be able to homeschool up to four kids besides their own children. Others question whether that hurts the children by giving them a lesser education.

State Senator Bill Dotzler agrees with the latter opinion, “We’re going to remove the language that allows homeschoolers, teachers to homeschool unrelated kids – up to 4 – in a home school environment with no type of testing or anything, so we think that’s pretty crazy.”

On The Insiders, State Senator Brad Zaun disagreed, “I was taught by my dad how to drive and the state says we trust them to educate our children and I fully support that plan and I think it’s a good thing to do.”

Dotzler says Senate Democrats are closer to the governor’s plan than House Republicans.

They agree teachers should get a minimum of $32,000 a year and say, unlike the governor, they’ll provide the money in their plan to fully fund that.

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