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TREYNOR, Iowa — American flags were flying all through the southwest Iowa town of Treynor as it welcomed the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. took time to list many reasons why he thinks Joe Biden would not be a good president. He also talked about how his father had built the economy before the pandemic and claims he is doing it again in recovery.

“They won’t tell you that story because that’s really good for Donald Trump. They want to tell you that Joe Biden is going to somehow fix things,” said Trump Jr. “Trump, who did this once before, who built the greatest economy we’ve ever seen, who created more jobs for every demographic, who raised incomes and wages for the lowest income earners for the first time in history.”

Trump Jr. said he is used to he and his father coming under constant attack from the media.

“When Trump pushes back on it, they say he’s an agent of Russia,” said Trump Jr. “Because the guy that led a billionaire lifestyle put all that aside to fight for us because he’s working somehow for Russia. Think about it.”

Trump Jr. was introduced by former Congressman David Young, who is campaigning to win back his old job over U.S. Rep. Cindy Axne. Speakers also encouraged people to support Republican Sen. Joni Ernst in her bid for re-election.

“This election isn’t in 50 days. It’s right now. States have already mailed ballots. It’s here. Make the phone calls, knock on doors, volunteer,” said Trump Jr. “We don’t have the benefit of billions of dollars in the media. What we have the benefit of his hard working Americans.”

“The energy and to see all these other people out here that are patriots, they just want America to get back to being America again,” said Tom Bailey of Hancock. “Trump is going to bring us there.”

“Honesty, excited when he talked to all of us and proud to support his dad,” said Ashley Ely of Hancock.