DNC Chair Wants Full Accounting of Iowa Caucus Problems


DNC Chairman Tom Perez (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez wants “absolute transparent accounting” of the technological meltdown that led to delayed results from Monday’s leadoff Iowa caucuses.

Perez said in a statement Tuesday that “what happened last night should never happen again.” Saying it was “clear” the app used to tally caucus results failed, Perez called on the vendor to “provide absolute transparent accounting” of what happened.

Perez says the party has staff “working around the clock” to help count remaining votes. Nevada Democrats scrapped plans to use similar technology at their caucuses, coming several weeks from now. Officials in other early voting states expressed confidence in their primary election systems.

Here is Perez’s full statement:

“What happened last night should never happen again. We have staff working around the clock to assist the Iowa Democratic Party to ensure that all votes are counted.  It is clear that the app in question did not function adequately. It will not be used in Nevada or anywhere else during the primary election process. The technology vendor must provide absolute transparent accounting of what went wrong.

“Our immediate goal is to ensure that every vote is counted as quickly as possible.  Accuracy is our guidepost.

“As frustrating as the last 24 hours have been, let us not lose sight of our ultimate goal: To defeat Donald Trump, to take back our democracy, and to improve the lives of millions by electing Democrats up and down the ballot.”


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