Comedian/Candidate Impersonates Bernie Sanders in Criticism that Medicare for All ‘Not Viable Option’

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Ben Gleib, a California stand-up comedian and game show host running for the Democratic nomination for president, warns his party that “Medicare for All” isn’t the solution to win the White House or to fix the health care system. Gleib did his impression of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialist presidential candidate pushing “Medicare for All,” to explain why he doesn’t see that option as the best choice. “In four years, it won’t be a problem,” Gleib said while imitating Sanders claiming that “Medicare for All” would solve health challenges, “It WILL be a problem.” Wednesday, Gleib will get his first chance to take part in a large candidate event. He will be one of 17 Democratic presidential candidates to speak before members of the AFL-CIO during an event in Altoona. Gleib explained, “I’m a capitalist, not a socialist.” He prefers to improve the Affordable Care Act, by adding a public option to allow Americans to buy into Medicare, rather than forcing them into a federal government-run system that eliminates private health insurance. Gleib called “Medicare for All” a “not viable solution” and just a “talking point” for some Democratic candidates that won’t lead to the promised improvements. In an interview with Channel 13 Political Director Dave Price, Gleib talked more about why he believes he is uniquely qualified to be president.


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