Comedian Ben Gleib Says He Is Serious, He Wants to Be President

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Ben Gleib doesn’t want his two-decade career as a comedian and game show host to give the wrong impression about his next career goal: He wants to become the next president of the United States. Seriously. “One of the most talented hecklers of all time,” Gleib calls President Donald Trump. And Gleib says, as an experienced comic who has dealt with hecklers, he is best prepared to be the Democrats’ nominee for president to take on the man he calls “the orange monster.” Gleib didn’t collect the necessary 65,000 donors nationwide or achieve at least 1 percent in the required polls that the Democratic National Committee deemed necessary to qualify for either of the first two rounds of presidential debates. He said that he hopes that his young campaign–he has only been running for about two months–will take off so that he qualifies for the third debate this September. Even if he fails to do that, Gleib said that he plans to continue his campaign. He also pledges not to be another Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ nominee in the 2016 presidential election.
Gleib says the recent mass murders at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California, where a teenager started shooting into the crowd, repeats the need for changes in this country when it comes to what kind of guns and ammunition citizens should have, as well as how the mentally ill deserve more resources.
A tumor recently jeopardized Gleib’s career as a comedian and also guided his beliefs about the need for improvements in the health care system. Here is where the candidates stand on health care reform. Gleib doesn’t push for a Medicare for All system but instead wants something a “little more to the center where we land.”
Rich people should pay higher taxes, Gleib believes, although he doesn’t believe the tax system should go back to what it was four decades ago.
Gleib said that he won’t be afraid to talk about President Trump. And he has a plan to do it.


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