CHEERS FOR BEERS: Rand Paul Toasts A Drone Program


Rand Paul

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(CNN) — Sen. Rand Paul has become known as perhaps the most vocal lawmaker on the legal use of drones, taking repeated standoffs with the administration over questions about armed and unarmed aerial vehicles.

But the Republican senator from Kentucky tweeted Friday that he approved of a certain kind of drone after all. And it can’t conduct surveillance or kill people.

“Perhaps I am not against ALL drones!” he wrote on Twitter, linking to an article about a flying robot that brings beer to music festival goers in South Africa.

At the outdoor festival called Oppikoppi, customers can place an order using a smartphone app. A drone then brings the beer 50 feet above the crowd, using a GPS device to track down the person who requested the drink, according to Agence-France Presse. Once the person is found, the drone drops the beer with a parachute.

“Every time it drops a parachute a crowd of 5,000 cheers,” Carel Hoffmann, director of the festival, said in the article.

While holding up a confirmation vote in the Senate on the president’s nominee for CIA director, Paul based his famous 13-hour talking filibuster earlier this summer on questions about the legal use of armed drones in the United States. Paul also held up a vote on the FBI nominee this year as he sought details on the government’s use of drones for domestic surveillance.


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