Buttigieg Holds Narrow Lead Over Sanders with 97% of Caucus Results Released


Pete Buttigieg (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa – Three days after the 2020 Iowa Caucus, complete results for the Democratic caucus remain unknown but we are inching closer to a confirmed result.

With 97-percent of the precincts reporting and results still being reviewed for 53 of Iowa’s precincts, Pete Buttigieg remains in the lead by a narrow margin over Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Results released Wednesday night have Buttigieg with 26.2-percent of the delegates and Sanders with 26-percent.

Behind them is Sen. Elizabeth Warren with just over 18-percent and former vice president Joe Biden with 15.8-percent.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is in fifth place with 12-percent of delegates.

The Iowa Democratic Party issued a statement late Wednesday night saying:

“The IDP has reported 1,711 precincts across the state, nation, and overseas – accounting for 97 percent of the precincts. We have collected information from all but one precinct, and those records are in transit.

As done in previous years following the caucus, the IDP implemented an immediate, large-scale effort to collect results for precincts that were not received on caucus night. We started with 500 outstanding precincts and now have 53 that are in the process of being reviewed. There will be no further results tonight.”

Keep track of the results as they continue to come in here.


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