Buttigieg Campaign Releases Internal Iowa Caucus Data

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Official results of the 2020 Iowa Caucuses have not been released yet by the Iowa Democratic Party because of major delays in reporting those results from the precincts — but that’s not stopping Pete Buttigieg’s campaign from releasing its own internal data.

Buttigieg ended caucus night with plenty of smiles, leaving Iowa as one of the self-proclaimed winners.

Buttigieg’s campaign released data collected from its precinct captains.

In a statement, the campaign says, “We saw that turnout this year was in line with 2016 turnout and our first and final alignment numbers were around 22% and 25%, respectively. In calculating the State Delegate Equivalents from the final alignment numbers, we came in with 480.44 SDEs (28%) in the precincts that have reported.”

Buttigieg was the last Democratic candidate to take the stage and speak to his supporters on caucus night, before departing to the next election hotbed of New Hampshire.

“There were skeptics.  An awful lot of skeptics.  Who said, not now.  Not this time.  All this talk of belonging and bridging divides is too naive, too risky.  So tonight, I say with a heart full of gratitude.  Iowa you have proved those skeptics wrong,” Buttigieg told the gathered crowd at Drake University’s Bell Center.

Buttigieg’s campaign clearly had high hopes heading into the caucus and feel like they exceeded expectations.

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