Branstad Challenges Hatch to Release Tax Returns

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Governor Branstad called on his Democratic challenger to be more open about how much money he’s made in the past.

The governor wants Jack Hatch to release tax returns from the past five years instead of only the previous year’s return.

Although the governor admits he didn’t do that when he ran for re-election in 2010.

“He’s only released one year’s tax returns and that’s a tax return when he knew he was going to be a candidate. If he releases, his tax returns, I’ll release mine,” Gov. Branstad said.

The governor argues that Iowans should know how Hatch financially benefited from business development projects that received tax credits.

Hatch has overseen numerous projects in the state over the years.

“Look at the businesses that he’s in and look at the money he’s made. He’s a millionaire. He’s become a millionaire while he served in the state senate,” the governor added.

Hatch’s campaign says it has no plans to release additional tax returns.

“We’re just not going to play that game. It’s just a phony issue for political purposes,” campaign manager Grant Woodward said.

Hatch is set to reveal his running mate Tuesday morning.


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