BIG WEEK: Lawmakers To Tackle Session Priorities

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Both chambers have been busy this week voting on several non-controversial bills… that is expected to change next week with lawmakers’ plans to tackle key session priorities.

Senate Democrats plan to debate Medicaid expansion on Monday afternoon.  Then on Tuesday, education reform will take center stage.

The House is also hoping to tackle their version of education reform later in the week.

Both parties are already butting heads about how the debates will play out.

Democratic Senator Mike Gronstal said, “I suspect it’ll be a challenge to find common ground quickly on education reform.”

Shortly after that Republican Senator Bill Dix said, “I see no reason why it needs to be a contentious debate. We all share a view that we need to be aspiring to make our schools the best and hopefully it’s a healthy discussion and we’ll come to quick conclusions.”

The house will also take up property tax reform next week.


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