Biden’s Son Cites ‘Poor Judgement’ to Serve on Foreign Board, Another Candidate Pledges No ‘Whiff’ of Conflict for His Own Children

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet, a U.S. senator from Colorado, told Channel 13 News that he pledges his daughters won’t take a role for any company that could present a conflict of interest for him if he becomes president. This follows the focus on Hunter Biden–son of fellow candidate Joe Biden–and the board on which he served when his father was vice president. Tuesday, Hunter Biden said he may have shown “poor judgement” in serving on a board in Ukraine while his father was vice president. “I think that no job that presents a conflict of interest or presents a whiff of a conflict of interest, no appearance of a conflict of interest,” Bennet explained for any future roles for his three daughters if he becomes president. Bennet said that President Donald Trump’s focus on Hunter Biden’s role on that board in Ukraine is really just to deflect focus away from his own family’s business dealings around the world. “Distract from an epic level of corruption,” Bennet said. The discussion was part of Bennet’s town hall on the Channel 13 News at 4 Tuesday, where he answered questions from Iowans. Bennet explained how his agenda differs from presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, primarily on the topic of health care. “I think their agenda basically boils down to offering the American people a bunch of free stuff, unfunded programs and empty promises. That’s what I really believe. What I’m trying to offer the American people is a common-sense agenda,” said Bennet. Bennet said he believes Trump committed impeachable offenses. He explained what he hopes happens next in the impeachment inquiry.
Bennet was asked to explain one positive thing he has accomplished for the country in the last six months. Here’s what he said.
Bennet discussed the role Hunter Biden played in serving on a board in Ukraine and what that means for the kinds of jobs his daughters should have if he became president.


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