Biden Signs in Iowa Coming From Army Vet’s Two-Car Garage in Des Moines


DES MOINES, Iowa — If you see a Biden-Harris presidential campaign sign in Iowa, chances are it came from a two-car garage in Des Moines.

“We don’t have a traditional in-person office, so the campaign storage is my garage. So far between myself and my wife and a couple volunteers, we have moved thousands of signs, allocating them for all cities and counties across the state,” said Lanon Baccam, who serves as the campaign’s deputy state director in Iowa.

COVID-19 has made campaign rallies and gatherings leading up to the presidential election very difficult for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s Iowa leadership team. There is no designated office to create signage, so Baccam offered up his garage. Baccam says without rallies, Iowans are increasingly requesting signs. They are rapidly creating thousands daily in the garage for pickup and shipments across the state of Iowa.

Despite having to turn his home into a campaign hub, Baccam, who served in Afghanistan with the Iowa National Guard as a combat engineer, says it is all worth the sacrifice.

“For me as a person, a son of political refugees who barely had anything to their names when they came to America, service is a way to give back. People like me, from refugee communities, we want to help this country because this country has helped us,” Baccam said.


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