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OSKALOOSA, Iowa — Bernie Sanders is a United States Senator from Vermont by profession. During his presidential campaign event at William Penn University in Oskaloosa, he sounded more like a professor.

Sanders spoke for about an hour before about 300 people, many college students. He delivered brief remarks before asking people in the audience to tell them the issues important to them.

Among their concerns:

The inability to refinance student loan debt. Sanders wants to change that. He didn’t offer specifics, but in the past, has recommended a cap of two percent (loans can top four times that much now.)

A former homeless veteran, who said he got medically discharged without educational help from the government. Sanders wants free college tuition at public universities.

A woman who survived breast cancer, said she received much cheaper care while visiting family in Australia. Sanders has backed a single-payer health care system.

Sanders repeatedly criticized wealth inequality and the inflated power given to big business and the extremely wealthy. He urged the crowd to help him changed the system. “No President of the United States can do this alone,” he told them, “That is why what I call our campaign…which is unique in american history….I call it a political revolution.”