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Part 1: Axne says she’s against a fourth stimulus check

Congress has helped some Iowa families substantially throughout this COVID-19 pandemic.
Some two-parent families with two children under the age of six could receive up to $18,600 in aid and tax credits. That doesn’t include enhanced federal unemployment benefits that may have brought an extra $1,200 per week if both parents lost their jobs.

Some Democrats in Congress are pushing for a fourth round of stimulus checks for Americans, but U.S. Rep. Cindy Axne isn’t one of them. Here’s why.

Part 2: Sgt. Ketchum Rural Veterans Mental Health Act

After U.S. Marine Sgt. Brandon Ketchum of Davenport returned from the Iraq War, he needed help.
His family said that he couldn’t get it from the veterans hospital in Iowa City for his post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and drug addiction. He took his life in 2016.

All four of Iowa’s congressional delegation support the Sgt. Ketchum Rural Veterans Mental Health Act. It would provide resources to improve services in rural communities.

Part 3: Potential presidential candidates visiting Des Moines in July

Former Vice President Mike Pence will be among the potential 2024 presidential candidates speaking at the Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines in July. Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem will also speak at the event.

In the past, the Family Leadership Summit has served as a platform for Republicans with presidential ambitions. Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of the Family Leader, explained why he wanted Pence to speak at the summit.

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