Andrew Yang Says his Iowa Caucus Success Will 'Shock' the Nation


DES MOINES, Iowa — Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang says he will “shock” the nation with his performance in Monday night’s caucuses.

Yang says one reason will be his support from Republicans, who he claims back him because he’s focused on the same issues as President Donald Trump.

Speaking at a rally at the downtown Des Moines Marriott hotel Saturday night, Yang told a packed ballroom that he’s laser-focused on solving the same problems that Trump pointed out — but has actual solutions that people will see and feel.

Yang also referenced his signature campaign proposal, the universal basic income, which would give all American adults $1,000 each month, as a contrast with the president. The businessman says that while Trump says he wants to drain the swamp, he wants to distribute the swamp.

Yang drew one more comparison to Trump: He turned out a raucous crowd of 1,200, dozens of whom spilled out into the hallway. The businessman jokingly gave a Trump-like estimate that the room held 12,000, before admitting is held about 800.


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