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DES MOINES, Iowa — With just over a week to go, politicians, the press, and party leaders are preparing for the Iowa Caucuses, but so are actors.

“Rather than a director auditioning dancers for a Broadway show, it’s an Iowa voter auditioning all the 2020 democratic candidates,” Robert John Ford, creator of “Adore Us! Line” said.

One local man created a parody based off the Broadway hit “A Chorus Line” to portray the important process for our state, with presidential hopefuls featured center stage.

“In the original musical they say things like ‘step, kick, kick, leap, kick, turn, again!’ In this parody the moves are shake, smile, wave, point, thumbs up, again!” Choreographer Megan Helmers said.

Based in October, 100 days away from the Iowa Caucus, the parody “Adore Us! Line” features the slew of presidential candidates vying for Iowans support.

“It’s really fun because ‘A Chorus Line’ is such a big musical with a lot of dance and it’s fun seeing all these candidates dancing and singing and everything,” Ryan Henzi, a 14-year-old Ankeny boy playing Mayor Pete Buttigieg said.

“There are a lot of funny, funny moments, but there are a lot of poignant moments as well. It’s not just pure comedy,” Ford said.

The musical tackles everything from more women and minorities making an impact in this caucus, to jokes about their long days on the campaign trail and at the Iowa State Fair.

“Cast your kernel and kiss a very massive pig!” Mary Bricker who plays Senator Elizabeth Warren said in the musical

These Des Moines metro actors are giving a glimpse into the life of these candidates.

“That’s part of the fun, being able to explore that and finding those ridiculous foibles when you are this public persona and you always have to be on and just finding the comedy in that,” Madison Ray who plays Senator Cory Booker said.

And this comedy can only be found, much like the caucus, right here in Iowa.

“This production is going to be the only production that is like this ever. I mean, the specific candidates that are being portrayed here are the candidates that we have this year and is being written for this particular moment in history. So it’s kind of special to put together this piece of art that will never be seen again in this form,” Helmers said.

Opening night is Friday at the Stoner Theater in downtown Des Moines. For more information and to purchase tickets click here.