ACLU Helping Iowans Get Involved in Legislation with Lobby Day Virtual Series


DES MOINES, Iowa — Funnel week is already underway at the Iowa State Capitol. However, the non-profit, the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa is reminding Iowans they still have time to make their voices heard this session.

In replace of its annual lobby day, the ACLU will be hosting a virtual series every Wednesday of March, teaching Iowans how to get involved in legislation.

Topics that will be discussed include: how to craft a message to your legislator, how to speak at a subcommittee meeting or hearing, and how to write a letter to an editor that could be published.

The Advocacy Campaign Manager for ACLU, Becca Eastwood, said the nonprofit is hoping this series will demystify the process of legislation. 

“Our goal is to be the bridge between what’s happening at the legislature and in living rooms across the state of Iowa,”  Eastwood said. “Success for us is folks accessing this process and feeling comfortable raising their voice on civil liberties issues.” 

Iowans also have the chance to sign up for an ACLU toolkit that teaches people how to successfully advocate for civil liberties remotely during the pandemic. 

The toolkit gives an in-depth look at how ideas become law, how to connect with lawmakers remotely, meeting with your elected officials, and how to use social media to engage lawmakers. 

Eastwood said they hope to help Iowans navigate this new way of legislating during a pandemic. 

“Being able to watch a committee hearing on video is new and that’s an exciting development for us. So we want to be able to partner with folks, as they access that process because folks across the state of Iowa are part of the state government,” Eastwood said. 

To sign up for the Lobby Day Every Day Series visit ACLU of Iowa’s website.


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