120 Foot Ankeny Wind Turbine Draws Visitor Pledging to Fight Climate Change

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ANKENY, Iowa — A wind tower on the DMACC Ankeny campus that serves as one of the tallest classrooms in Iowa drew another presidential hopeful Monday as Washington Governor Jay Inslee, one of 23 Democrats running for president, praised its potential.

“This is a monument to the can-do spirit of America and we just have to keep building them,” Inslee told Channel 13.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee looks up at wind turbine on DMACC Ankeny campus.

Inslee said wind energy is a key part of his campaign pledge to make combating climate change his top priority as president.  “These wind turbines represent blue-collar jobs as well as engineering jobs. And that’s one of the beauties of clean energy is that everyone can plug in to the job picture,” Inslee explained, “And it’s a growth industry. This is just perfect for America. That’s why am so optimistic we can beat this climate crisis.”

Inslee has proposed a $3 trillion federal plan to retrofit existing buildings to make them more environmentally friendly, he would phase out the country’s use of coal by 2030 and vehicles running on battery power or renewable fuels.

“Look,” Inslee warned, “Our towns are burning down, our fields are flooded, our streets are being inundated by rising seas. This is our last chance and when it is our last chance you take it.”


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