DES MOINES – The midterm elections are just 36 days away and political advertising is ramping up. When it comes to midterm elections, there are some trends in advertising that you may have noticed.

Matthew Record, an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department at Drake University, said that political ads during the midterms tend to focus more on rallying support from political bases rather than chasing the independent vote.

“Rallying the base is going to be more of a motivator than trying to get at the quote un-quote persuadables because persuadables are usually people who don’t have a strong ideological commitment one way or another and people who don’t have a strong ideological commitment, the most likely thing they’re going to do on election day is stay home,” Record said.

Another trend is the increase in money spent on ads during elections.

Record said that more and more often, money is trickling down to smaller elections as advertising provides more bang for your political buck.

“One advertisement buys you a lot more persuasion in a local election where people don’t have a strong preconceived notion of the candidate than it is in a high-level election where everybody already knows the players,” Record said.

Political ads will drop dramatically once the midterms are over.