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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines Police Department has no shortage of identity theft and fraudulent cases to investigate. However, a recent case caught their attention.

Last Thursday, Liz Huebsch, reported her personal information was hacked after a conversation she had on Facebook with a friend. However, Huebsch later learned the hacker disguised itself as her Facebook friend to receive information.

Huebsch says the hacker was having phone trouble and claimed to need to send her a text and have her read it. She said she began questioning the conversation but gave out her cell phone number anyway.

Within seconds Huebsch said she was locked out of her Facebook and Gmail account.

“I had just mailed tax information to the guy that does my taxes. So they have access to my Social Security number, my bank accounts, everything.”

Her email address and phone number were also changed.

Facebook tracked the hacker to a Twin Cities suburb, however, police say the hack likely originated from outside of the country.

“Sometimes what we see is a middle man so to speak the United States who works with through or assists though who are overseas,” said Halifax.

As a result, cyber criminals can be difficult to find and their offenses rarely result in punishment. Identity theft is a felony level charge.

Experts say one of the best ways to protect yourselves from hackers is to keep secure passwords and change them often. It’s also suggested to never click on or respond to a  suspicious post or message.