Police respond to Ames Middle School during ‘shelter-in-place’ order


AMES, Iowa — Monday morning at Ames Middle School a “shelter-in-place” order was put in place for all students and staff in response to a student acting out.

Because of the disturbance, Ames Middle School Principal Yonas Michael sent several notifications to parents to let them know what was going on.

“The building was vandalized with multiple window panes broken,” Michael said. “Fortunately, no students or staff were injured in this situation with the situation taking place away from the majority of our student population.”

The disturbance was enough to force the school resource officer to call in backup from the Ames Police Department. Commander Jason Tuttle said that usually the SRO is able to handle these situations, but today more police presence was required.

“Oftentimes the school and SRO will handle the situation as long as there is nothing excessive,” Tuttle said. “This morning certainly needed an extra response by our patrol staff. But thankfully they were able to get them to calm down.”

The police had to detain the student and handcuff them until the situation was under control. The principal sent out another notification to parents that the “shelter-in-place” order was lifted at 10:05 a.m. No students or staff were injured during the disturbance.

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