Police Officers Ambushed in Attack Are Honored by Iowa Governor


DES MOINES, Iowa — Tuesday night during the annual Condition of the State Address, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds honored three Davenport police officers who were attacked last June during a period when people were protesting racial injustice. While most Iowans who took part in protests during the summer were peaceful, some turned violent.

Someone in a vehicle full of men fired shots at the unmarked police vehicle in Davenport in the early morning hours on June 1. Lt. Greg Behning, Sgt. Scott Lansing and Det. Pat Sievert had been on duty that night after numerous reports of gunshots and property damage. Lansing got shot in the leg.

“Please join me in thanking these brave officers,” the governor said as she recognized the men during her speech before Iowa lawmakers in the dinnertime speech in the Iowa House Chambers.

The governor pledged that she will introduce a bill that increases punishment for those who attack law enforcement or take part in riots. “The bill will make it clear that if you riot or attack our men and women in uniform, you will be punished. We won’t stand for it,” the governor said.

She also said that her bill would ban racial profiling and other forms of “disparate treatment.”

The governor also mentioned the attacks on the U.S. Capitol building last Wednesday in Washington, D.C., which killed five people, including a police officer. “Violence and anarchy are not acceptable. Period,” she said.

Watch the governor’s full address here.


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