Police Looking for Additional Witnesses in Des Moines Double Homicide


DES MOINES, Iowa — Four days after a shooting killed two people and injured two others, Des Moines police continue to search for answers.

Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek said, “The information we have now that we’ve been able to confirm is that there were more people there. It’s a matter of getting a hold of those folks, figuring out what their role was, what they saw and what they can help us with so we can keep moving forward.”

Investigators say these additional witnesses will be crucial in uncovering the suspect of an incident inside a detached garage when gunfire rang out at 2750 51st Street on Wednesday. Police believe those witnesses can help find justice for 28-year-old Damiko Carr and 21-year-old Karyree Henderson, who were both killed. Thirty-one-year-old Michael Blackwell and 26-year-old Alonzo Kearney were also injured.

Parizek says so far they haven’t been getting the truth from anyone involved. Investigators hope someone has the courage to come forward and provide closure to the families of the victims.

“It is surprising when you have a group of people who are friends, whose families are friends and may be related, and for some reason they just can’t see the honor in telling us the truth and helping us move forward so we can bring justice and relief,” said Parizek.

Kearney was released from the hospital on Thursday and taken into police custody. He is being charged with interference with official acts as well as charges related to outstanding warrants.


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