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ATLANTIC, Iowa  —  Shoppers and store clerks in the town of Atlantic found dozens of pornographic photos hidden inside their stores. Police are now on the hunt to determine who is responsible.

According to police, a customer at Orscheln’s Farm and Home store was trying on a pair of gloves when she found a picture of man’s genitals inside on Friday. When police arrived on scene, they searched the store and found the pictures hidden only in women and children’s gloves and coat pockets.

“It’s a little bizarre, we’ve never had anything like this happen before,” says Atlantic Police Chief David Erickson.

Investigators also found the same inappropriate images at the local Walmart a few days later. Police are working with the store to scrub through its nearly 60 surveillance cameras. Orscheln’s does not have security cameras. Erickson says tracking down a suspect will take time.

“We don’t know if it’s a self-snapshot or copy of a copy out of a magazine,” he says. “There’s no video in one of the stores, they didn’t see anybody put the pictures in there, and there were quite a few copies of that certain photograph of genitals put into gloves.”

Authorities recovered more than 20 photos between the two stores. The suspect faces dissemination of pornographic material charges if arrested.