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DES MOINES, Iowa –Des Moines Police have a person of interest and possible motive in the killing of 16-year-old Terry Harris.

Harris was shot in the mouth at this home on Tuesday afternoon and later died at Mercy hospital. After the shooting the suspect fled the scene.

Harris’ mother along with several children were home at the time of the shooting. She was able to give police the man’s first name and a physical description. Along with that information, police say social media has help point to a suspect.

A spokesperson with the Des Moines Police Department said it will not be releasing the person of interest’s name until they believe there is enough evidence to charge him.

“We try to build a case before we go talk to the person and have information on hand so you hopefully know what and why things happened before you go talk to them,” said Sergeant Jason Halifax.

Halifax said Harris shared a video to social media prior to the shooting. The comments and activity on the post have pointed officials toward the possible suspect. Investigators won’t go into detail about what was in that video but say it could be a key piece to this investigation.

“We’ve seen some social media posts from the victim who may lead us to a solid motive in this case,” said Halifax.

Investigators have already issued subpoenas to gain information from the social media sites. Sergeant Halifax said the organizations and department work well together during investigations.

“With the information we’ve got, it’s looking very favorable we’ll be able to make an arrest in this case,” he said. “We’re fairly confident we’ll be able to bring those charges.”

Harris completed his sophomore year at Hoover High School this year. He played football, basketball and ran track. The school’s athletic director, Melissa Floyd said, “Terry was a very energetic, happy kid with an infectious smile.  He will be extremely missed by his teammates, coaches and teachers as well as the entire Hoover community.”

For those how didn’t know the teen  personally say they hope his family finds justice. Representative Ako Abdul – Samad said, “How does an individual too young to even fill out the paper to get a gun, get a gun?”

Abdul – Samad who is also the founder of Creative Visons, a community development center, said young people are being negatively impacted by the media and do not take into consideration the consequences of the actions.

“Those are the things that need to be addressed and deal with and let people know that manhood can’t at bought for at Kmart, Sams Club or any place else.”

Mother’s Against Violence organizer, Calvetta Berry said a crime like this is a reminder why her organization continues to be relevant.

“It frustrates me as much as we say that lives matter and to cherish each others lives and someone still ends up dead,” he said. “But I keep going because in hopes of that one person will saying I saw a mother crying on TV and it got to me.”

Anyone with information on this homicide investigation is asked to contact the Des Moines Police Detective Bureau at 515-283-4869 or the Polk County Crime Stoppers anonymously at 515-223-1400.