PLOW PUZZLE: City Ordinance Confusion

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On Groundhog Day, many are hoping for an early spring but for now, we’re still dealing with winter. Some residents are also dealing with Des Moines’ new parking ordinance.

The City implemented a new policy where residents in five neighborhoods can only park on one side of the street after a snow storm. 

It’s supposed to help plow roads faster.

Neighborhoods include Drake, Drake Park, Carpenter, River Bend and Sherman Hill but people are confused.

With the recent snow storm, public works crews began plowing streets on Thursday, 31st.

Under the new system, if it’s an odd numbered date, like the 31st, you park on the odd house numbered side of the street.

And crews plow the even house numbered side of the street.

But here’s where it got tricky.

The day after the 31st was the first of February so that meant two odd numbered days in a row.

Some drivers assumed they were supposed to move their vehicles to the other side of the street so crews could plow where their vehicles had been parked.

But they should have stayed where they were and waited to move until Saturday, the 2nd.

Even plow drivers became confused about where to go according to Chuck Burrell.

“Our drivers were even confused when they came in this morning about what side they should plow and what side not. This being the first year of the snow ordinance, it just takes time to get used to.”

So remember, on odd numbered date, park on odd house numbered side of the street.

On even numbered date, park on the even house numbered side of the street in only those 5 Des Moines neighborhoods.

After this storm, there will be no more warnings. Park on the wrong side of the street and you’ll get a ticket with a minimum $35 fine.


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