CARROLL, Iowa- There’s a storm on the way and so is Christmas, that means snow removal teams are readying their plows and altering their schedules.

“You know we listen days in advanced like everyone does and kind of get mentally prepared to that, even though we’re going into a holiday season, that we will probably have some overtime and holiday work that will need to be done,” said Randy Krauel, Public Works Director for the City of Carroll.

To keep the streets cleared, they use six plow trucks, and two tractors which focus on the downtown parking lots. Piles of snow will eventually be deposited in the parking lot of Merchants Field ball park. 

“We do have a network of first and second priority streets those we keep open during storms,” said Krauel. “Once the storm is ending or ended, then we go into our regular truck routes that include a lot of the residential streets.

The City’s priority routes serve a major purpose.

“Our first and second priority network puts everyone in town within about three blocks of a clean street,” said Krauel. “When our personnel are out, they’ve assisted in emergencies, the need to transport to hospital or something like that, during a bad storm.”

Krauel said they have really good people who are ready to step up for a big storm, even when its working around Christmas.

The City is about to take possession of a brand new Public Works Building next to the old one. That will allow much more room for working on city snow plows and other equipment.