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NORTH DAKOTA  —  Bakken Oil Pipeline protesters are scheduled to leave the protest camp in North Dakota by Wednesday because of expected flooding.

Crews are also trying to clean up what was left behind from the protests. Large amounts of garbage have already been hauled away, but crews fear it could still get worse as more snow melts.

“Still a significant amount of garbage and a lot of snow, and in that snow we don’t know, we don’t know what’s in the snow,” said Morton County Emergency Manager Tom Doering.

Although the Iowa portion of the pipeline is already in the ground, protests will resume on Wednesday.

Protestors with the Des Moines Catholic Workers are planning a sit-in at Governor Branstad’s office at the Capitol.

In an announcement of the protests, Frank Cordaro released a photo of himself being carried out of the Capitol in 1986 following another protest.

Frank Cordaro (WHO-HD)
Frank Cordaro (WHO-HD)