DES MOINES, Iowa — Billy Mayfair is probably best known for beating Tiger Woods in a PGA Tour playoff 25 years ago. More recently he made headlines for sharing his experience of being diagnosed with autism as an adult.

Mayfair is in Des Moines for the Principal Charity Classic at the Wakonda Club. He took some time out of his preparations for the event to talk with WHO 13’s Erin Kiernan on Thursday.

“It’s as if the floodgates opened for me,” he said, “so many things about my life and how I am suddenly made sense.”

Mayfair and his wife Tami encourage anyone with questions or concerns to consult a neuropsychologist, a doctor specifically trained to diagnose the disability that manifests itself in various ways. They also brought their therapy dog Boomer with them to share how he helps Billy deal with times of stress and anxiety.

You can watch the interview above.