PETS PRESENTS: Experts Offer Advice

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Many kids ask for a pet for Christmas but experts say you shouldn’t surprise the kids with a pet on Christmas morning.

Animal shelter workers say you need to make choosing a new animal a family decision. 

You also need to consider personality.

Some pets, like people, are more outgoing than others and some animals require more time and care.

“You don’t want to take a little black puppy home and find out the kids, they might be nervous around the little black puppy or not really like it that much,” advised Liz Ford, an animal care technician. “So you want to bring a puppy home, or a kitten of whatever it might be, that the kids are going to like that they’re going to want to engage with.”

Experts say the best way to find a new pet for your family is to do a behavior assessment and match an animal’s needs to yours and what you can provide.


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