People Upset About Odd-Even Parking Tickets, Say There’s No Signage in Neighborhood

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DES MOINES, Iowa– The city of Des Moines was handing out odd-even parking citations without the proper no parking signage.

Five neighborhoods in Des Moines have odd-even parking restrictions for snow removal: Carpenter, Drake, Drake Park, River Bend, and Sherman Hill.

Folks who live in one Drake neighborhood reached out to us saying they’re getting unfair citations.

We learned the city is now trying to make things right.

Will Bortz owes the city $105.00 in odd-even plowing parking tickets issued on a Drake neighborhood street.

“I am in school right now and school is expensive, gas, groceries anything, $105.00 is a lot,” Bortz said.

Bortz is not alone.

“So, when we parked here all of us pretty much got tickets multiple times,” Justan Spaid said.

“I don’t really know why there are no signs or anything and knowing there are snow ordinances we just thought we couldn’t park on the street at all,” Bortz said.

Justan Spaid appealed his tickets citing a lack of signage but the city denied that appeal.

The city said, “they do not mark individual streets unless there is ‘no parking’ on one side of the street. Then they place a sign under the no parking sign stating it is OK to park there during snow removal”.

We checked and the 1100 block of 37th and University is missing that sign.

“It is not fair we are all a part of the community and we want to work together,” Bortz said.

So, we took these complaints to Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parizek and he agrees with anyone who got an odd-even parking ticket on the 1100 block of 37th Street.

“So, when I got here, I noticed there is a lack of signage for a variety of reasons,” Sergeant Paul Parizek said. “I think when you call up and say ‘I live at the 1100 block of 37th and I got an odd even ticket,’ they are going to be like, ‘I get it’”.

If you received a ticket, appeal it and the city could void it.

No timeline  has been set as to when the city will put the correct signs up.

In the meantime, click here for parking restrictions where you live.


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