People Calling Sakira Bonner an Activist

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Sakira Bonner was an anti-violence advocate but ended up becoming a victim of it. Last Friday, she lost her life in a shooting.

According to a criminal complaint, Eliazar Gama picked Bonner up from a West Des Moines Holiday Inn to sell her marijuana.

Police said shortly after, he beat, robbed and shot Bonner three times. Another passenger, Johndarius Lewis, is charged in connection.

A mile away, the two left Bonner for dead, police said.

“It just makes me want to cry,” said Stacey Diaz.

Diaz is an Illinois-based author and wrote a book turned into a film called “Mend Your Wings and Fly.”

Last summer, Bonner and other Scavo High School students were actors in the film. The film is about a teacher who is trying cut down on violence, by closing the gap between her students with trust and love.

“Which sheds light on violence, has just been killed because of violence, so it really touches my heart and makes me even more inspired to keep moving forward with it,” Diaz said.

West Des Moines police weren’t able to say if there are more suspects, but they did say there isn’t an ongoing threat to the community.


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