People and City Officials Getting Ready for Snow

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DES MOINES, Iowa — “I`ve been out and around and I notice all these parking lots and stuff are full,” said John Herndon, a local resident.

Before the snow falls, shoppers are stocking up on items; making sure they have what they need, and what they want.

“Well, you want to make sure you have the comfort food around for the weekend,” said Herndon. “You know, whether you`re making a big pot of stew or you’re making your bean soup or cornbread, or you`re just having family over. You got football on and we’re just gonna hunker in.”

Amanda Wuttke bought just enough to make lunch and dinner for the weekend.

“To get me through, since I`m in school right now and I live by DMU,” said Wuttke. “So, no class on Monday, so need to make stuff to last me through the weekend and hopefully the week.”

City officials have been working and will continue to work to pretreat as much of the street system as they can.

“Get some salt down on the roads before the snow lands on it,” said Jonathan Gano, Public Works Director for the City of Des Moines. “That really helps us clean it off with the snow plows, when they come on top. It prevents the snow from sticking. It doesn’t work everywhere, but where we can get it down, it does do a good job.”

The City takes an emergency response approach to handling snow removal.

“We`ll have 200 people engaged from five different city departments, working this snow event,” said Gano. “Both on the removal and parking and other parts of cleaning off sidewalks, cleaning off the streets. It’s all hands on deck for the snow emergency, from when it starts to when it ends. It`s a hundred people per shift. We`ll have already sent the night shift for Friday night, home on Friday, so that they`re rested and ready.”

To find out more about the City’s snow removal efforts, click here.


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