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PROLE, Iowa — Iowa Caucus winner Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator, has used three words in the past to describe Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump: “narcissist, liar, and serial philanderer.”

But on Thursday morning, Cruz returned to a Warren County farm to help Trump get elected president.

“Barack Obama won the state of Iowa,” Cruz told a crowd of about 300 gathered in machine shed, “But let me tell you right now, thanks to the men and women here and across the state, Hillary Clinton ain’t winning Iowa.”

The crowd cheered in support.

Cruz never mentioned Trump by name. But he talked about Clinton frequently and tried to unite Republicans on the idea of making sure Clinton doesn’t end up in the White House. Cruz called for the need for a special prosecutor to look into what he called Clinton’s “corruption.”

That elicited chants of “Lock her up! Lock her up!” from the supporters gathered before him.

Pence used much of his stump speech from the previous Thursday in Fort Dodge, bashing the media and urging voters to go to their county auditor’s office to vote early.

He added praise for law enforcement, in light of the murders of two metro police officers early Wednesday morning. Pence visited the site of a memorial for one of the officers in Des Moines Wednesday night. 

Following his rally, Pence talked briefly to Channel 13 News about violence against law enforcement.